YieldX Offers New Integration with Schwab, Deeper Integration With Envestnet

December 2, 2022

Partnerships Help Advisors Save Time and Gain Access to Real-Time Portfolio Insights

We continually look to expand our list of best-in-class integration partners, so your work is connected and robust. Our latest integrations with Schwab and Envestnet are designed to help you reduce manual workflows and access comprehensive portfolio insights in real time.

New Schwab Integration

We have partnered with Schwab to offer an integration point into our Optimizer application. The Schwab integration offers a way to gain rapid insight on portfolio opportunities and risks across your business and saves time by automating manual workflows.

Schwab is now included in the integration partner dropdown within the YieldX Optimizer application. Optimizer deploys YieldX’s optimization algorithms to identify opportunities within existing portfolios to improve the portfolio’s overall yield or reduce its volatility. Users who custody accounts at Schwab can now pull client portfolios straight into Optimizer, instead of manually uploading positions to perform optimizations and portfolio analyses. This integration also allows YieldX to augment its portfolio intelligence capabilities.

Expanded Envestnet Integration

We continue to deepen our strategic partnership with Envestnet and are excited to offer an Envestnet Model API Integration. This integration is designed to save time when creating and rebalancing model portfolios, automating the transfer of data between Envestnet and YieldX. This two-way data share integration allows users to interact from either side of the house:

Scenario 1

Envestnet users can launch YieldX directly from their Envestnet desktop to build a custom income or risk-focused model portfolio using ETFs, or closed-end funds. After the user builds the model in YieldX’s platform, they can then seamlessly send the portfolio back to Envestnet with the click of a button. The user can send the portfolio as a new model, name it, and assign a risk bucket without having to manually shift back and forth between platforms.

Scenario 2

Envestnet Users who have access to YieldX can take an existing model saved in Envestnet and go to the YieldX Tools on their Envestnet desktop to land in the YieldX Hub, where the model automatically recognizes YieldX’s platform. From there, the user can rebalance the model and send the rebalanced model back to Envestnet. The model name and risk are automatically updated through the integration.

This true two-way data share integration between Envestnet and YieldX is a consequential time saver for advisors. Pain points are mitigated in the process of an advisor creating a suite of custom income-based portfolios that they can easily view back in the Envestnet environment.

At YieldX, we are committed to growing our list of integration partners — helping you better connect your tech stack and simplify your daily workflows.


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