Liquidity Management Solutions

Mitigate the current high inflationary environment by tailoring a bespoke portfolio to earn meaningful yield with YieldX.

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InPaaS: Optimized Income Portfolios On Demand

Income Portfolios as a Service (InPaaS®) is our outcome-oriented portfolio construction tool.

  • How adding risk-adjusted investment solutions could allow investors to maintain purchasing power in a highly inflationary environment
  • New ways to meet specific income targets with innovative, one-of-a-kind digital fixed income investing
  • Gain insight into how our solutions are designed to achieve targeted income as the economy pivots from Covid recession to recovery and reflation

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Our Solutions in Action

Pipe, a $2 Billion Venture Capital-backed fintech that recently raised $250M, leverages our InPaaS solution–which has historically outperformed benchmark ETFs–to identify ongoing liquidity management opportunities, offering the benefit of achieving competitive yield targets at lower risk and expense than other funds and model portfolios in the marketplace.

See how Pipe leverages YieldX InPaaS to manage their yield targeted portfolio

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