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Democratization Comes to Fixed Income Data and Analytics

Leverage the YieldX platform to level the playing field in fixed income analytics

Steve Gross
Sep 14, 2020

The ability to access fixed income data and analytics has historically been a substantial advantage for large asset managers and bank trading desks. It was simply too difficult and expensive for smaller firms to capture, organize and store data delivered in often incompatible formats. The lack of standardization of terms in individual fixed income securities and paper documentation made it harder to digitize or analyze securities without substantial resources.

The API and AI revolution

Advances in artificial intelligence like natural language processing (NLP), and the proliferation of APIs as a delivery mechanism, have changed the way insights and analytics are derived and delivered. This freshly liberated data is paving the way for new kinds of analyses on pricing, ESG, liquidity and more—and attracting new market entrants proffering all sorts of new analytical tools. All of these innovations represent historic breakthroughs in the ability to invest with deeper insights, at greater speeds and with more transparency than could have been imagined just a few years ago in the fixed income space.

The Value of Data

At its core, the value of a data set is driven by the user’s ability to actualize the insights. “Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel” is not valuable information unless you have access to a stockbroker. The data and analytics business model ends at delivery of the data. This is sub-optimal for them as it narrows the potential customer base to the largest firms that have their own investment and execution infrastructure. The smaller firms and investors that don’t have data infrastructure, portfolio and execution technology are left behind.

Open Analytics

One of the “big ideas” behind YieldX is to make the insights from our data partners readily actionable through YieldX Hub, a suite of smart workflow apps.

  • For example, our AssetExplorer™ app lets users rapidly filter through vast universes of securities using specific criteria and custom data sources, enabling them to find investment candidates that meet their precise specifications.
  • For clients looking to build an executable corporate or municipal bond portfolio, our BestFit™ app aggregates an expansive array of data ranging from rating and duration down to ESG consideration, AI driven valuation and real-time liquidity.

Leveraging the power of the YieldX platform our users can finally start leveling the information playing field with largest institutions. But the revolution is just beginning. Democratization of data in fixed income can no longer be stopped. As more data is liberated and execution goes electronic, the more value YieldX can bring to its data partners and users. It’s a win-win. Come to talk to us at YieldX about how we can bring data providers and investors together through our Open Analytics framework.


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