Team Up To Simplify Income Investing

When it comes to delivering financial wellness across clients' entire lives, accessing the power of liquid, yield-driven solutions presents a major opportunity for advisors to help meet investors’ needs in a personalized way while enabling long-term success.

By combining the YieldX suite of tools with Envestnet’s platform, we're creating the industry's leading marketplace of income and protection solutions—solutions that are critical for helping to make financial wellness a reality, especially for individuals approaching retirement.

How We’re Simplifying the Traditional Complexities Around Trading Income Assets

For Your Firm..

Empower your advisors with personalized, scalable investment solutions that bring the benefits of income investing to all investors.

For Advisors...

Connect every aspect of your clients' financial well being back to their unique financial plan and goals.

For Your Clients...

Access optimized income-generating portfolios with the ability to minimize risk and increase yield.

Key Tech & Investment Management Features

 YieldX aims to empower firms to expand their fixed income product offerings, broaden their customer base, drive revenue and improve investor outcome.



Target a specific yield, risk or monthly income



Optimize your portfolio with actionable trade enhancements



Filter through millions of yield-driven securities and seamlessly construct, optimize and analyze custom portfolios



Design and deliver customized portfolios with fixed income securities



Create a bond ladder portfolio in seconds

Furthering the Fixed Income Revolution

Envestnet and YieldX are acting on the opportunity to simplify income investing for the nearly 108,000 advisors and more than 6,000 companies currently harnessing Envestnet’s technology and services.

YieldX complements the suite of income and protection tools available through the Envestnet ecosystem—such as access to annuities from insurance carriers offered through an integration via the Envestnet Insurance Exchange.


“We are fully vested in enhancing our ecosystem to intelligently connect financial lives, and we believe income and protection solutions are critical to helping make financial wellness a reality.”

- Rich Aneser, Chief Strategy Officer of Envestnet

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