Category: Thought Leadership

Mar 17

The Case for High Yield Allocations Whitepaper

Over the past two months, high yield spreads have widened in sympathy with volatile equity markets. And while it’s never wise to catch a falling knife, the dollar cost averaging into high yield portfolios is attractive, warranting a closer look from investors. Check out our latest whitepaper where we make the case for high yield allocations.

Mar 11

Investment Grade vs High Yield Credit Spreads

The recent widening in investment grade (IG) credit spreads both outright and relative to high yield is meaningful. Given inflation readings at ~7.5% and the Federal Reserve is on the cusp of a rate hike cycle, buying longer dated fixed income might not be an obvious new position exposure. Read more from our Chief Investment Officer, Stewart Russell.

Mar 10

Gaining Exposure to the Yield Curve with Less Risk and More Reward Whitepaper

There are numerous ways to gain exposure to the short end of the US fixed income market. At YieldX, our tools allow investors to construct portfolios that can have more yield and less risk than other short duration alternatives. In this whitepaper, let’s look at what’s behind the curtain and see how an optimized portfolio of single securities or one of funds can provide investors…

Feb 24

Whitepaper: Fight Inflation Without Extending Duration

The rapid acceleration of digitization in fixed income trading, data and investments has propelled yield-driven investing forward, making portfolio insights and personalization must-have capabilities in today’s financial services landscape. Download our whitepaper to learn how YieldX’s range of potential solutions may help you and your firm navigate the current environment.

Jan 4

Whitepaper: Reflate Savings to Combat Inflation

Download our whitepaper to learn how YieldX’s Income Portfolio as a Service® (“InPaaS”) tool is designed to help investors reduce the risks and offset costs of living in today’s inflationary environment.

Dec 12

Whitepaper: The World of “No Quant” Investing

See how by layering a comprehensive, modular quant-engine on the backend, YieldX offers a revolutionary “no quant” portfolio construction and optimization experience empowering all users, regardless of experience level, to maximize their outcomes, run complex scenario analyses with a single click and personalize their portfolios quickly and efficiently.