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The future of fixed income

The evolving technology landscape is revolutionizing the world of fixed income, making what has long been impossible, possible. The accelerating trends towards electronic trading, alongside advances in big data and AI-powered analytics, are opening up major avenues for innovation in fixed income. These ongoing trends, coupled with blockchain technology adaption, have blurred the lines between public and private securities and currency borders. Our vision is to be the portal to liquid global yield-driven opportunities. We see a key global asset class being transformed, and we are building the tools to bring those benefits to all investors.

Leadership team

YieldX is led by senior fixed income and fintech professionals who offer more than 70 years of collective experience at marquee capital markets and technology firms.

Adam Green

Chief Executive Officer

Adam Green is the co-founder and CEO at YieldX. Adam co-founded and was the Chief Strategy Officer at MoneyLion, a leading fintech in the lending and wealth management space. Adam has 15 years' experience in high yield and leveraged finance at Wall Street firms, including Bear Stearns and Citadel.

Steve Gross

President, Chief Innovation Officer

Steve Gross is the co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at YieldX. Steve founded and was the Chief Investment Officer of AlphaParity, an $800M AUM portfolio technology and asset manager, which was acquired by Franklin Templeton in 2017. Steve has 20 years' experience as a portfolio manager at leading hedge funds, including Millennium and Tudor.

Joshua Smith

Chief Product Officer

Josh Smith is the Chief Product Officer at YieldX. Josh co-founded and was the Head of Research at AlphaParity - acquired by Franklin Templeton in 2017 - where he led development of their Portfolio Genetics platform. Josh has 12 years' experience in quant research and risk modeling.

Rolito Trintinalia

Chief Experience Officer

Rolito Trintinalia is the Chief Experience Officer at YieldX. He has over 20 years’ experience working with design and user experience teams, delivering and leading several projects and products for companies like Heineken, Subaru, Spotify and many others.

Tom Bradley

Managing Director, Head of Fixed Income

Tom Bradley is the Managing Director of Fixed Income at YieldX. Tom was an Executive Director at UBS in Fixed Income from 2012 through 2018. He has 12 years' experience in fixed income sales and trading from his work at UBS, as well as the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Mark Lam

Director, Quantitative Research

Mark Lam, FRM, is Director of Quantitative Research at YieldX. Mark was a Vice President at Blackrock, where he led the asset analytics team at Aladdin, BlackRock’s investment and risk management platform. In that role, he was responsible for asset-level analytics, tools and models for Aladdin clients. He has 8 years' experience in fixed income analytics and quantitative solutions.

Stacey Shapiro

Chief of Staff, Marketing Director

Stacey Shapiro is Chief of Staff at YieldX. Stacey has 10 years of experience in marketing and operations at various financial technology startups.

Careers at YieldX

We are a global, distributed team of passionate fintech entrepreneurs, technologists, and data scientists on a mission to reimagine one the largest markets in the world.

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