A Chat with Adam Green, CEO at YieldX

January 11, 2022

Today’s discussion is with Adam Green, Adam is the CEO at YieldX which he co-founded with the present CIO, Steve Gross. Adam is no stranger to the entrepreneurial world. His first entrepreneurial venture was with Insomnia Cookies, which he helped develop while a student at Syracuse University. He teamed with friends to develop the concept into a business that has been a part of just about every college student’s late night culinary/munchie experience. In 2013, along with a team of leading technologists and financiers, Adam co-founded MoneyLion with Dee Choubey. MoneyLion is a mobile finance platform that empowers consumers to take control of their financial lives through better products for borrowing, saving, and investing where it develops a comprehensive view of a members’ personal finances that has encouraged sound financial behavior and better outcomes for over two million customers. Adam and I chat about his start as an entrepreneur, share some personal thoughts, we discuss YieldX, what makes the firm unique as a fixed income resource available to financial professionals, and he shares his thoughts on the growth of FINTECH and the future of YieldX. To  find out more about YieldX and to schedule a demo, click HERE